Brain cell killing MSG in Maruchan Yakisoba noodles

This morning I was watching the Food Network and saw a commercial for Yakisoba Noodles showing how good and yummy they are for kids. I knew right away that they contain MSG even though I’ve never heard of them before.

yakisoba maruchan msg Brain cell killing MSG in Maruchan Yakisoba noodles

Usually if something is being sold as a great meal that kids will enjoy they almost always have loads of MSG in it. I did a quick search and it was confirmed. Not just monosodium glutamate but multiple forms of MSG including: monosodium glutamate, hydrolyzed corn, dehydrated soy sauce and chicken broth. Most people are unaware that soy sauce contains loads of free glutamate (MSG). Also almost all “chicken broth” or broth/stock of any kind that is made commercially contains MSG.

If something is listed as “Stock”, what exactly does that mean? That’s not one ingredient, it is mulitple ingredients listed under one general name and of course, they don’t have to tell you what’s in it. Even when “chicken/beef/vegetable stock” has “No MSG” on the label, they lie. It’s legal-ease. All that means is the product does not contain “Monosodium Glutamate” the straight up 100% version. But as the informed MSGEXPOSED reader will know, that actually means nothing. They can and do hide the MSG in other abiguous ingredients such as: broth, stock, hydrolyzed corn/soy/wheat/pea protein, autolyzed yeast extract, yeast extract, torula yeast, natural flavors etc etc. Anyways, this product doesn’t even disguise the MSG, it’s just there on the label in plain sight.