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Products with MSG

Cup O’ Noodles or Cup O’ MSG?

Starving college kids will recognize this one. The portable noodle treat in a styrofoam cup. Just pour hot water, chomp, slurp and feel those brain neurons wither away. MSG loves destroying brain cells as much as you love eating it. It can only do what it was designed to do, make your food taste great […]

Products with MSG

MSG in Shrimp Flavored Chips

Shrimp flavored chips have been around for a long time, unfortunately so has the MSG that they are liberally laced with. These shrimp flavored chips are manufactured by Calbee.  The MSG in this product isn’t hiding in any obscure ingredient name, it’s just out in the open. Clean labels? We don’t need no stinking clean […]


Vegetable Enzymes mean MSG on your Food Label

Enzymes are another way to add MSG (free glutamic acid) to foods and make it sound more natural. The food manufacturers don’t need to list “Monosodium Glutamate” or anything else that might sound scary to the consumer. Don’t “Enzymes” and “Vegetable Enzymes” sound innocent and natural? That’s exactly why some natural food manufacturers like WholeFoods and Trader […]